Wow! The world’s first truly multi-sensory, 5 dimensional media !!

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Now here’s a real world first!

We have partnered with a US-based manufacture to develop and build the world’s first truly multi-sensory, five dimensional media opportunity.

AromaHalo is a self-contained, ceiling suspended advertising system which projects a brand’s fragrance and imagery downwards in high-footfall public spaces creating a truly immersive brand experience. As shoppers, or leisure venue guests, pass through the space, they are stopped in their tracks by the subtle but distinctive aroma of the brand which is linked to visuals projected onto the floor and on the back-lit AromaHalo lantern. Directional sound which also ‘speaks’ the message will be incorporated soon.

We supply the AromaHalo to supermarkets, shopping centres, airports, train stations, cinemas, leisure centres – in fact just about any public space. We work with the brand to agree the appropriate period and rate-card, installing the graphics and fragrance. The space owner benefits from a totally new revenue stream from space that would otherwise generate no revenue at all. The brand benefits from a totally immersive brand experience which engages sight, smell (and sound), driving awareness, trial, increased sales and brand loyalty.

Early tests have proved overwhelmingly positive and we are working with a few innovative retailers and shopping centres to conduct early trials, collecting data and analysing the impact. I’ll be sure to post the results when we have them.

In the meantime, if you represent the owners of high-footfall public spaces, are a brand for whom the scent, aroma or taste are a significant part of the brand equity, or are you a potential media partner or investor, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

At last the term ‘New Media’ actually means something, rather than just the migration of 2 dimensional visual advertising from TV to the internet!



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