Sensory Innovation in Print

Just back from a speaking engagement at a print industry conference. Apart from being a great bunch of people, The Independent Print Industry Association are looking to the future.

Far from the doom and gloom that those blindly wedded to a single-channel, digital brand strategy might expect, the print industry is positively buzzing with confidence and ideas. And so they should be.

The best brand communications and marketing strategies are integrated. i.e. they benefit from the efficiencies AND effectiveness of multiple media and channels. (see a previous post on the distinction between efficiency and effectiveness, don’t confuse them). Not only this, research we carried out for the Royal Mail some years ago – using fMRI brain scanning to look inside the human brain and observe emotions – revealed that an identical brand messages was far more emotionally impactful and memorable on a piece of printed paper than on a digital screen.

And for brand communications 1+1 really does equal 3, what psychologists call super-additivity. As you add senses, you add emotions.

The print industry are canny enough to know this. There are some amazing innovations on paper that you can smell, paper that lights up and carries printed batteries and even printed video. And why not the first lickable print you might ask? Well yes, there’s that too!

As usual it’s the smaller, challenger brands that are likely to have the creativity and imagination to adopt some of these ideas first. But if you are interested, give me a call or send me an in-mail and I’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

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