A stinky beard to get kids reading

I’ll never forget the day Roald Dhal came to speak at my school prize day.

The school was in Amersham, near to where he lived and wrote most of his wonderful books. He was enigmatic, characterful and engaging and he had 600 or so boys in rapt hysterics for nearly an hour. He was telling us about the benefits of having a beard, one of which was as a place to catch and store little bits of food, in case he ever got hungry between meals.

Nearly 40 years later, things have come full circle.

After leaving school and studying business and marketing at University, it wasn’t long before my maverick and creative personality, inspired perhaps in part by Roald Dahl, led me to start my first business, The Aroma Company, of which I am hugely proud.

The Aroma Company is one of the world leaders in engaging consumers of branded products through the immensely emotional and evocative sense of smell. We’ve quietly been getting on with this work for over 25 years, working behind the scenes with some of the world’s leading brands.

Once in a while we get involved in some slightly more unusual projects. When Penguin Books approached us to help with the creation of a smelly version of Roald Dahl’s the twits, naturally we were delighted to help!


I hope that this project might inspire and encourage a few more young children to discover the pleasures and benefits of reading, just like Roald Dahl inspired me all those years ago.

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